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Nikelle Robinson, CTRS

Nikelle was raised in Washington State and spent her childhood exploring the forest in her backyard, camping, climbing trees, and playing on the Pacific coast with her family. Her experiences in nature created and ultimately solidified her identity, and have also been a dominant contributor in forming her values.

Nikelle graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho and earned her degree in Recreation Therapy. While enrolled, she became heavily involved in the Outdoor Activities organization on campus. Through this, Nikelle gained experiences in a variety of activities and leadership skills. She also wrote numerous risk management plans, facilitated trips, and made friends. Nikelle claims she discovered herself while involved with the organization. Additionally, she worked as a therapeutic staff for a wilderness therapy program prior to graduation, which strengthened her belief in the power of nature to aid in the healing process. An internship in 2013 with the Innerchange team introduced her to New Haven, and the philosophies, values, and theories espoused attracted her from the beginning. She is excited to be a member of a team that facilitates lasting change.

Nikelle is passionate and determined to see the world. She taught English to young children in southern China in 2008, and more recently backpacked from Mexico to Panama with a friend. She lives in Provo with her husband and makes time for her many passions, including primitive skills, rock climbing, backpacking, harvesting and preserving local produce, traveling, creating her own haven, and building family relationships.