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Pamela Gardner

Utah State Teaching License (Endorsement: History) Pamela obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in History Education with minors in Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies, from Utah Valley University. Pamela also completed a summer program at the international Conflict Research Institute (INCORE), University of Ulster. In her studies, Pam gained an in-depth understanding of societal change and negotiating peaceful outcomes. She loves to help others understand concepts and ideas about interactions for a more sustainable world. Pam is passionate about history and is especially knowledgeable about Multiculturalism, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam Era. She collects memorabilia pertaining to these and other transitional phases of US and world history.

She is a lifelong learner and has worked in library sciences for several years in order to better conduct and organize her own research for future publication. Pam has published in the Crescat Scientia: Journal of History, Northern Ireland: the Land that Peach Forgot (2013). She also worked as an assistant editor on the Crescat Scientia: Journal of History 2012 & 2013, and on the editorial staff for Essais: a Literary Journal for English Literature (fall 2011; spring 2011).

Pam loves helping the students at New Haven bring history to life. She loves the relational aspect of New Haven and values the connections she has with both students and colleagues