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Sydel Morris-Greco, B.A., M.Ed

Sydel believes in building a strong relationship with each student.  She does so with her own unique combination of compassion and in-your-face Jersey-tude.  Building strong rapport with students is critical to their success at New Haven.  While her style cannot be duplicated, Sydel works with every teacher to establish their own balance of high structure, accountability and emotional support in their own classrooms. Her prior experience includes teaching at an alternative high school for 4 years, Special Education Coordinator of a public treatment center for 2 years, and an Assistant Education Director of a private RTC for 3 years.  Most recently, Sydel started the academic program as the Principal of a non-profit day school/treatment center for students in foster care.  Sydel’s strong background in program development and special education helps her guide New Haven’s curriculum to meet the unique academic needs of each student.

Sydel loves watching the N.Y. Giants lose, Sabrett hot dogs and really good bagels.  With nearly enough dogs to create her own sled team, all four are certified therapy dogs with Intermountain Therapy Animals.  She has trained them herself and enjoys seeing them interact and help students through their therapeutic process.