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Tanner Garrett

Tanner grew up with his family in Las Vegas and moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University. With an end goal of being a therapist in mind, Tanner earned his Bachelor of Science in psychology and began his career at New Haven. As a residential supervisor, Tanner loved to spend time with the girls and support them on their healing journeys. He has a wonderful balance of playfulness and approachability while also bringing a sensitive and calming presence to the community.

Family is one of Tanner’s top values, and it was this shared value that drew him to New Haven’s program. Tanner is passionate about the work we do at New Haven and loves working as the residential director of the Anthony community. In keeping with his value of family and with his goal of becoming a therapist, Tanner is currently attending California Southern University to earn a master’s in marriage and family therapy.

Throughout his life, Tanner has played nearly every sport possible and still loves many, including golf, basketball, and cycling. Tanner loves using his talents in sports to help coach New Haven’s volleyball and basketball teams. In his free time, Tanner enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and their dog.