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Valerie Nuttall, M.Ed., ACMHC

Val has worked with youth and felt a connection to them ever since she was a youth herself. This included working as a coach for younger kids, working with the Boy Scouts of America and volunteering with at risk youth. She states that teens have an energy about them that few understand and even fewer enjoy; however, she is one of those who is drawn to it.

In 2004 Val graduated from Westminster College with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and started teaching fifth grade in a Title I school with a focus on helping students transition from resource programs into a regular educational classroom environment.  In 2006, after earning her Master’s of Education Degree she started teaching Math and English. At this time, she began coaching various girl’s sports in a Jr. High School setting.

Her love of learning motivated her to earn a second Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She combines her passion for teaching and counseling within a Narrative Therapeutic setting which has been very successful for the teens she has worked with. She is passionate about animals and loves integrating it into the therapeutic work she does. PTSD and learning disabilities and struggles are areas she has a lot of experience with and feels passionate about.

Val enjoys spending time with her family and devotes much of her free time to her three children by helping them develop talents, set and reach personal goals, and provide opportunities for them to explore life’s possibilities.  She also loves to garden and is always up for a good adventure.