Creating Our New Haven Family

At New Haven, hiring relationship-minded staff, therapists, teachers and other employees is very important. Our students often struggle with depression, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, etc. Because our program is relationship-based, we need employees that are loving, fun and understanding; however, they are able to hold boundaries and issue consequences when necessary.

Relationships between employees and students are crucial. Just as important, however, is the relationship that the employees create with New Haven parents and families. We are a unique residential treatment center because we expect families to work and change along with our students. Our girls heal more easily if they are in a safe, loving environment. New Haven staff do a fabulous job creating that culture, as well as teaching parents and families how to continue the New Haven atmosphere within their own homes.

What Makes a New Haven Employee?

There are many things that we look for in perspective employees. Whether they will be a therapist, a cook or a staff/mentor, we always ask ourselves these questions:

  • Are they a loving person in their personal relationships?
  • Are they confident enough to know that it is more important for the girls and their families to respect them rather than to simply like them?
  • Are they able to create relationships and have fun with the girls?
  • Do they understand the importance of boundaries in order to keep our students safe?
  • Can they love the girls?

Employees are important in the girl’s ability to let go of the past, thrive in the present and create a bright future. If the employees can create a safe environment for the girls it does not matter if the girl has experienced trauma, has budding borderline personality or issues with substance abuse. They can heal and have the tools to create a hopeful future, hand-in-hand with a supportive family.

To find out more about our hiring process or to discuss our employee qualifications, please contact our Admissions Department at 888-317-3958.

By: Debbi Johnson, HR Manager