Maintaining Hope at New Haven

Some might say that being a maintenance man at an all girls residential treatment center may not play a role in the students’ treatment or care, but I would disagree.  I have worked at New Haven Residential Treatment Center for the past seven years. For me, maintaining the property holds the same responsibility as the work that goes on with the students, staff, and therapists. Aesthetics play a key role in minimizing anxiety disorders, and depression. It is always interesting to me how a simple color change in a room can affect the girls’ mood.  When we changed our wall color from a dismal gray to a warm yellow, spirits were lifted, and the homes seemed warmer. Even updating a classroom rejuvenates class participation, and drives a sense of pride and ownership.

Picture yourself in a pool filled with dirt and debris. Compare that to the feelings of depression that our girls experience. Life for them seems dirty, overwhelming and unappealing. If it were you, how would you feel? Would you want to swim and spend time there?  Our therapists do a fabulous job cleaning up our students’ mental swimming pools, helping them see life more clearly. I also enjoy being able to provide a beautiful, crystal clean swimming pool for our girls.  This helps replace that dark and dismal feeling they face with laughter, happiness, and hope for the future.

My role in maintenance is not only important because of what I do to create a safe environment, but also to provide a visually soothing and comfortable setting for healing to occur. To find out more about how we heal from the inside out, and maintain hope at New Haven, call us at 888-317-3958.

By: Jim Hone

New Haven Residential Treatment Center Maintenance Man