Our Dads and Daughters Take Glacier National Park

Family involvement is central to New Haven’s treatment philosophy. We are always trying to help family relationships not just to grow, but to flourish. In particular, we have come to realize that the father-daughter relationship is the one that struggles the most following treatment. We wanted to help fight that trend and created a Daddy/Daughter Camping trip! This special trip was designated for fathers and daughters to focus on their unique relationship and how to make it stronger and more meaningful.

This year’s trip took ten daddy daughter pairs to Glacier National Park – it was beautiful! While there we were able to leave the busy world and be isolated in nature together. In this serene setting our dads and daughters were able to cherish the moments they shared together while also creating memories they will remember the rest of their lives.

From learning to fly fish in the clear, ice cold rivers around us, to hiking to Hidden Lake in the heart of Glacier National Park, our daddy daughter duos were able to experience things they didn’t know existed. They also learned new things about each other and their relationships that they never knew before.

As beautiful as Glacier National Park is, the most beautiful sight was seeing our dads and daughters bonding on the trip. The amount of love that these dads have for their daughters is incredible and we will never forget it! We’re happy we were able to spend this precious time together!

Click here to learn more about New Haven’s Family Systems Approach.

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