Quality Employees, New Haven’s Secret Sauce

No matter how beautiful the campus or how brilliant the program design, a residential treatment center with sub-par staff is not capable of helping families heal. While it may seem obvious what makes a quality employee, our team at New Haven is held to a higher standard than most. Here’s a thorough breakdown for parents that may be in the difficult position of finding treatment for their daughter.

Step One: The Selection Process

Every person that applies at New Haven must complete a preliminary interview with an HR representative. After that, they will be invited to an interview with at least two residential supervisors. Before the position can be offered, we reach out to each of the applicant’s references to ensure the applicant was a high-quality employee. The job will not be offered unless we hear back from these references.

When a job is offered it is contingent on the applicant completing and passing:

  • A drug test
  • A preliminary background check
  • A driving record check

The last aspect of selection is making sure this prospective employee knows how difficult this job really is and also how rewarding it can be. By giving them a realistic job preview we guarantee there won’t be any surprises when they join the team.

Step Two: Ongoing and Rigorous Training

Here is a list of just a few of the trainings our staff must attend at least once a year:

  • Non-violent Crisis Intervention Training
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Defensive Driving
  • Horse Safety
  • Pool Safety
  • Substance Abuse
  • Infection Control
  • Suicide Prevention

Every employee must also attend trainings designed specifically for the community they work with. There are times when several girls in the house are struggling with similar issues. When this happens our clinical staff design trainings to specifically address those issues.

Step Three: Strong Relationships Make Training Easy

New Haven therapists lead the way in hands-on, daily guidance for clients and staff alike. They are present at meals, during chore time, walking through the halls of the school and joining activities on the weekend. Because New Haven therapists are not confined to counseling sessions, they are actively helping our students and guiding our staff.

At our annual Mission and Vision training, licensed therapists and long-term residential employees are able to share their experiences of healing families with newer additions to the New Haven team. This, plus quarterly bonding activities, company-wide goal setting to better support one another, and a shared investment to keep improving creates strong bonds between our staff members. Coworker relationships and unity is a large part of why New Haven feels like a home: We are family.

Find the Right Fit

Researching treatment centers for your daughter can be an overwhelming journey. It is a huge commitment to make, and typically, by the time treatment is being considered, your family has already been through a lot. Here are the top two things we recommend before making your decision.

Call Alumni Families

We welcome any requests to be put in touch with other families we have helped over the years. Ask them specifically what they loved, what they struggled with, and how they are now.

Take full advantage of your tour on our campus

It’s not just about looking at the facilities and asking about the program. You should also ask questions about the employees themselves, we want to connect!

We know sending a child to treatment is a heartbreaking decision. It’s difficult to feel confident that anyone can help. If our thorough screenings and trainings aren’t enough to put you at ease, hopefully, our relationships and legitimate care for your family will be. Let us do what we do best, and help your family heal.

By Debbi Johnson, HR Manager at New Haven Residential Treatment Center