Spring Sports at New Haven

Did you know that New Haven students have the neat opportunity to participate in three competitive sports annually?

We get so excited to kick off the school year with our Volleyball season and the girls are ready to play! We have two Varsity level volleyball teams who compete during the traditional volleyball season. In fact, our students took third place in the league this past fall!

Winter time brings us to the start of our Basketball season. By the time the basketball season comes along there is already a contagious sense of school spirit and pride from watching our students play so hard during volleyball. Our New Haven Lynx basketball team recently placed SECOND in the State Playoffs! We wish you could have been there to see our girls play with so much heart and soul.

Currently, spring fever is in the air and the energy is starting to build around the start of our soccer season. Our students are busting at the seams to get out on the field! Last year, New Haven’s soccer team were the State Champions!! We are hoping this season brings another State Championship!

There are many incredible moments that come out on the field, court and even the bus rides. Athletics at New Haven present an opportunity to our participating young ladies who may not otherwise have had an opportunity to earn a Varsity letter. They have multiple opportunities to learn the value of sacrifice, hard work, commitment and most importantly a renewed sense of passion.

Leadership, sportsmanship and so many positive qualities come out while playing and competing. We have seen higher grades, better attendance, a rise in social awareness and improved therapeutic growth when students are engaged in our sports program.

Our Head Coach, Robyn Jensen, recently shared: This is a part of life many of our students enjoyed and were a part of at home and embrace while at New Haven because of the camaraderie and traditional high school experience it brings to their stay.

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