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Eleanor Roosevelt House
Eleanor Roosevelt – Advocate

An Advocate is one who notices the suffering of those who cannot help themselves, then uses her power and her voice to create positive change. Eleanor Roosevelt transformed the office of the First Lady from a figurehead into a legitimate position of power. She focused her efforts primarily on women, children, minorities, and other members of society who needed someone to fight for them, someone to act as their voice. Eleanor Roosevelt’s advocacy for those less fortunate than herself has left a legacy of love and compassion to which we all should aspire.



Roosevelt House Staff

Joanne Tew

Residential Director - Roosevelt House, Teresa House
Joanne Tew

Residential Director - Roosevelt House, Teresa House

Joanne was born in Medford, Oregon. She moved to Utah when she was 16 years old and is the oldest of three children. Joanne has four children of her own and really enjoys her role as a mother. She has also volunteered many hours at a youth organization, both as a leader and organizer for young children and adolescent youth. Through her work with adolescents, she discovered a passion for mentoring young women. In 2014, she found her way to New Haven with the help of a close friend. Joanne has a genuine desire to help families and truly believes in the healing approach at New Haven. Joanne's favorite part of her job is working with the girls and helping them to see their potential.

Joanne has several hobbies which include playing softball and volleyball, quilting, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.