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Brain Research and the Classroom
College Gap Year
College Preparation and Choice
Educational Outcomes
How to Fix a Broken Brain
Self Advocacy for Teens
Are Males Better at Math than Females?
The Effect of OCD on Academic Performance

Addiction & Recovery

30 Days of Recovery
Designer Drugs
Internet Addictions: What are they anyway?
Sexting Addiction Treatment for Teenage Girls
Principles of Recovery: A Broader Application
Screen Obsessed
10 Questions to Select the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for Your Daughter
Screen Addiction: Teens


8 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality When Your Teenage Daughter Has ADHD
The 3 Causes of ADHD — She’s Not Misbehaving, She’s Learning
ADHD in Adolescent Girls
Looking at ADHD Differently
What Are the Symptoms of ADHD?


Anxiety: My Experience Working with Teenage Girls
Anxiety in Teens
Hope Beyond Anxiety
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: It’s all Anxiety
Stressed-out Teen? Talk to Spot!
Understanding OCD in Teenage Girls
Dealing With Anxiety: When We Cannot Protect Our Children…

Asperger's / High Functioning Autism

Asperger’s Syndrome Treatment
The Gift of Asperger’s
Residential Treatment for Adolescent Autism-Spectrum Disorder

Attachment & Adoption

The Adoption Cluster: Abandonment, Attachment and Trauma in Teens
Working with Reactive-Attachment Students in a Residential Setting

Borderline Personality Disorder

Working with Teens with Borderline Personality Disorder

Cutting & Self-harm

6 Things Your Child Needs From You to Reduce Cutting (Self-Harm) Behaviors
Milieu Treatment For Cutting
Self-harm: Why My Daughter Does It and How Can I Help?
Treating Self-Harm
Understanding Self-Harm
Causes of Self-harm: Understanding Why Teens Harm Themselves

Depression Treatment

Back to Basics: Supporting Teens and Loved Ones with Depression
“Coping with Depression at School”
Dealing with Teen Depression in a Residential Treatment Setting
Is My Teenager Depressed?
How to Motivate a Teenager with Depression
Core Meaning
Positive Self-Talk and Core Messages
The Antidote To Low Self Esteem

Eating Disorders

A Student’s Battle with Anorexia
Psychological Causes of Eating Disorders
Finding Help For Your Anorexic Teen
Treatment Possibilities for Eating Disorders

Emotional Regulation

Crisis De Escalation
Emotional Dysregulation and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Mental Health Crisis Plan
How to Stop Overreacting in a Relationship
Is My Teen At Risk For Violence?
Managing Anger as a Parent
Willpower Exercises for Struggling Teens

Impulsive and Risky Behaviors

Sexual Promiscuity: Influence vs. Control
The Choking Game: A Dangerous Epidemic

Life at New Haven

A Brief History of New Haven
Family Therapy Video Calls: How To
Celebrating 20 Years
Confidentiality in Therapy
Creating Our New Haven Family
2016 Daddy Daughter Trip: Alaska
Graduation & 20th Anniversary Alumni Reunion
Maintaining Hope at New Haven
New Haven Celebrates 5 Years Camping in MOAB
The New Haven Alumni Association
New Haven Zambia Trip
Our Dads and Daughters Take Glacier National Park
New Haven Service Trip – Peru 2016
Quality Employees, New Haven’s Secret Sauce
Sacagawea House Reopens After Being Remodeled
Spring Sports at New Haven
Student Safety — Our Top Priority
Zambia Trip

Lying & Manipulation

Why Do People Lie?

New Haven Values Program

Family Changes
Healing The Family System
Parent to Parent: Placing your Teen in Treatment

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

My Teenager Argues About Everything
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Troubled Teen to Troubled Adult
Why Will My Daughter Listen to You?

Parenting Teens

Blue Zones at Home
How to Motivate a Teenager
Can A Teen “Catch” Negative Behaviors?
Caretaker vs Caregiver
Celebrating Family Legacies
Childish vs. Childlike in Inner Child Work
Choose a Residential Treatment Center for Girls
Create A Lasting Connection With Your Children
Dealing With Peer Pressure
The Emotional Bank Account
Emptying the Nest
Holiday Stress Relief Tips
Daily Wellness Tips for Your Family
Families That Eat Together Stay Together
Family Volunteering
Turning Crisis Into Opportunity
Family Triangles
5 Holiday Tips
Gifted Child Problems
Transition After Residential Treatment Center
Holiday Relationship Building
How to teach Sex Ed to Teenage Girls
It’s Time to Focus on Relationships
Leave Your Mark on the World: Lessons From Art Class
Life is Good – New Haven RTC Testimonial
LIFE IS NOT FAIR and other messages for teens
Making Your Own Luck
Nurture Your Relationship
Personal Growth Plan: Eating an Elephant
Positive Parenting When Your Teen is Being Negative
Raising A Teenager: Time To Stop Rescuing
Setting Healthy Boundaries With Teens
How to Improve Your Adolescent and Parent Child Relationships
Treatment Tips: Teens in Treatment
Treatment Tips: Parents With Teen in Treatment
Teen Work Ethic
Teens and Money
The Value of Failure in Adolescence
Understanding Enmeshment: Definition, Causes & Signs You May Need Help
While your Daughter’s Away…
Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail

Suicidal Ideation

Suicide Prevention


Coping with Trauma
My Core Meaning
Discussing Tragic Events With Your Children
Emotional Trauma Symptoms in Teens
Parenting a Trauma Victim
Parenting through Sexual Trauma
PTSD and Brain Research for Teen Trauma Victims
Talking Through A Crisis
The Tragedy of Unreported Rapes
Teen Trauma
What is Vicarious Trauma? 3 Ways Parents Can Manage Compassion Fatigue
Working with Victims of Abuse

Understanding Therapy

What to Look for in Adolescent Treatment Programs
The Role of the Therapist in Residential Treatment Centers
Teenage Mental Health Issues
Different Types of Treatment Professionals
Doing Therapy: A Beginner’s Guide
Dual Diagnosis
Equine Therapy: Soccer with Horses?
My Experience with Fulshear Treatment to Transition
Experiential Techniques and BPD
Experiential Therapy at New Haven
Improving Family Relationships
Health in Adolescence
Dog Therapy
Measuring Outcomes in Residential Treatment
Mobile Therapy Apps
Neuroscience of Transitioning Home from Residential Treatment
Developing Values Throughout Life
Understanding Personality Disorders
The Power of Choice
Re-learning How to Sleep
Relational Therapy 101: Parents Guide to Selecting Residential Treatment Center
Relationship-Based Treatment
Research Outcomes
Gender-Specific Residential Treatment Centers Work
Sleep and Mental Health: Chicken, Egg, or Both?
The Fulshear Ranch Academy Experience
Negative Personality Traits
Residential Treatment Center Aftercare Treatment
Therapeutic Wilderness Programs
Humor in Therapy
Finding the Right Treatment Program
Tips for Overcoming Resistance in Family Therapy
Treating Enmeshed Teens and Parents
Treatment Possibilities for Eating Disorders
What’s Special About Equine Therapy?
Who’s on the Team: Adolescent Treatment Professionals
Why Do We Do Experiential Therapy?