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Asperger’s Syndrome Treatment

While more severe forms of autistic-spectrum disorder require specialized care, many children and teens with Asperger’s disorder find themselves in mainstream settings and/or more broad-based treatment programs.  This approach can increase the young person’s access to normalized social situations in which they can learn better social skills experientially through contact with a more diverse peer…

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The Choking Game: A Dangerous Epidemic

In 1995, the CDC began collecting data on a dangerous adolescent phenomenon called “the choking game” in which teens – typically in a group setting but sometimes alone – self-strangulate or have another person strangulate them to induce cerebral hypoxia.

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Who’s on the Team: Adolescent Treatment Professionals

This is a partial overview of the types of mental health professionals typically found in a private adolescent-treatment setting. There are other professionals -such as social workers, specially trained teachers, life coaches, and etcetera – who may also provide services in a treatment setting, but this is a description of those professionals most commonly participating directly in the adolescent treatment process.

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