Debra Robbins, BS

Science Teacher


Spanish Fork Campus

Debra DeAlba is a Colorado native from a military family. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife & Wildlands Conservation from Brigham Young University. She has more than five years of field experience working as a biological technician for the Utah State Division of Wildlife Resources and environmental consulting agencies. Her research included surveys of raptors, song birds, pygmy rabbits, pine martins, mosquitoes, pinyon-juniper vegetation densities, and 16 of Utah’s bat species. She loves the outdoors, bird watching, and all things creepy crawly.

Deb is the proud mother of two girls. She speaks Spanish at home with her family and is learning to speak French. She enjoys travelling, making friends and experiencing other cultures. Tenacity, growth, resilience, curiosity and kindness are some of her core values. She has worked with a diverse body of students and seeks to empower young women in and out of the classroom. She believes that the process of developing critical thinking skills and finding answers through scientific inquiry will help New Haven students mature into successful young adults. Deb says, “Science teaches us about life and how things work. This year, my classes will experiment and discover and have a blast (literally), because science is awesome.”