The Case for Alternative Education

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Spring is coming!  Our students have an overall great attitude today and I think just having a little sunshine helps a lot…. 

Recently I read an article called “Intrinsic Motivation and Alternative Education” by Ryan T. Miller, Ph.D.  He states “In response to the pressures placed on education, public schools have emphasized excellence by raising standards, implementing new graduation requirements, lowering the tolerance for violation of school rules, and high-stakes testing which assumes that the rewards and consequences of such tests will motivate the unmotivated to learn.”  Dr. Miller goes on to say “Alternative schools and education programs are growing in diversity and number in the United States as schools are driven by the need to provide a positive and productive learning atmosphere for all students”. 

For this reason, alternative schools (such as our school) fit the needs of students that we serve.  For many of them, dealing with anxiety, school perfection, and “not being good enough” disadvantages them even more with the raised bar.  Attending school is a problem for our students.  While very bright and capable, they miss many days which puts them further behind and in a vicious cycle.  They need more positive educational experiences through increased personal success.  By providing this type of successful experience, our students learn how to function and eventually thrive in a high-quality instructional and individualized academic environment.