The Fulshear Ranch Academy Experience

By: John Stewart, LCSW and Executive Director of New Haven

Being a part of the InnerChange family has allowed us to find out about other treatment programs. Our sister program, Fulshear Ranch Academy, is one program with which we have been able to connect. Fulshear provides a healing journey for young adult women.  This period of life is so critical for their clients. Their age, their major challenges and stresses, and new adult issues are all hurdles that they face. Sadly, for some young women, life gets too difficult and they need the guidance and assistance excellently provided by Fulshear. The emphasis on strong positive relationships at Fulshear allow the young women to chart their path into adulthood, heal the hurts they’ve been living with, and gain the life skills necessary to progress.  They learn how to have healthy relationships, build an academic plan, and gain the skills necessary to function on their own. Fulshear will also work with the young woman to invite her parents to be a part of this journey.

The ranch emphasizes the feelings of warmth and love that Fulshear offers. Standing in the kitchen and dining area conveys a warmth and sense of community.  There, the clients gather to support each other and have fun. They share a bond of past struggles and hurts, current fears of making the journey, and mixed emotions about what the future holds for them.  The staff at Fulshear are there to support them in this journey- whether it’s in the kitchen, in a therapist’s office, or out on an activity. Clients will make mistakes, however the nurturing employees are there to guide them back onto the path of healing and success.

Fulshear provides the range of supportive care to help clients build their own healthy, happy, functioning future.  Find out more by talking with the experts at Fulshear about this incredible journey, or check out their website: