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New Haven is Founded

“He (Founder-Mark Mcgregor) chose the name New Haven to represent the vision he had of a therapeutic haven and school where young women and their families could come for healing- a haven from their world and their problems.” 

Dustin Tibbits 

1996 First 2 students admitted in March _West House_
February 1996

New Haven Officially Opens

“We were introduced to Mark’s Philosophy for helping teenagers heal – five aspects of their lives he wanted each student to address while they were in treatment: Love, Internal Locus of Control, Values, Family, and Self-Esteem. It was revolutionary for the time. First of all, no one was doing treatment for girls very well – they were just using treatment methods that had been designed for boys. Mark’s suggestion to adapt treatment to girls’ specific needs rather than forcing girls to adapt to treatment was brilliant. Second, no one was focusing on values, family systems theory, self-esteem, love, and an internal locus of control as a package, although it seemed that everyone gave lip-service to those principles.” 

Dustin Tibbitts 

August 1996

New Haven given JCAHO accreditation

JCAHO Accreditation means your organization complies with the highest national standards for safety and quality of care and is committed to continually improving patient care.  


The Original Values program is created

The Values Program was created to challenge students and family systems to look at themselves and make changes to help them moving forward.


Ropes Course Added

The High and Low Ropes Courses were added to our South Campus to allow for more non- traditional approaches to therapy, including recreation therapy.

"Recreation therapy changed my life. Recreation therapy was exactly what I needed. I wasn’t trying to call upon the events of my past while sitting in a chair in someone’s office. I wasn’t trying to analyze the emotions I wasn’t currently feeling. I was present. Engaged. And working on the moment."

Erica-Alumni Student,Georgia, 2008

7 Ropes Course Addedd (1)

Sandtray added on Campus as a medium for therapy.

Sandtray is a safe, nonverbal tool often used to help gain a deeper understanding of the student’s and families experiences. It is an especially effective tool when working with students who have experienced trauma. 


East House Opened

This house was New Haven's 2nd added to their South Campus. When this house was established the administration did something very important to prevent New Haven from getting too "big..." Rather than stretch out the existing staff for more students, each house had its own set of therapists, residential staff, cook and representative from the school for its students. This model allows us to maintain the integrity and care that can take place in a smaller program while being able to serve more families.


North House Opened

North House opened as a Transition house; named "Saratoga Springs Academy". Later this house was added as another traditional ‘New Haven’ house instead of a transition home in 2002.  


A Traditional Boarding School

The academic setting at New haven transformed from packet work to a traditional classroom style.


Annual Summer Family Rafting Trips

These still happen today! These special trips allow for Families to have fun together, and to work with the team in a setting away from home, and away from New Haven. 

10 Green River

Learning Supports Added

Academics were adapted to specialize in supporting students with learning disabilities and who struggle with processing, executive functioning & working memory.


Fall Family Weekend Trips

Fall Family Weekend Trips Initiated first in Bryce Canyon and later would happen in Goblin Valley up until 2011 when the official location became Moab


Animal & EGALA therapies included

Various animals added to the New Haven family to help support our students. Cats are permitted to be adopted by the students, and horses are utilized for therapy and for riding.


Mark McGregor, New Haven's primary founder passed away

We are so grateful for the legacy of healing that Mark and Kathy created that continues today. New Haven’s ownership has since changed since his passing, but their mission and vision for New Haven lives on. 

“I cannot think of a better way to honor his professional work than to move forward, ensuring that our dream comes true for many more young women and their families. New Haven has a great future! I am honored to continue to work with wonderful people. There is much to do and great potential to become even more.” 

Kathy McGregor, CEO New Haven 

“Crisis creates Change”- Mark Mcgregor (A common phrase he would share with employees and families.)

2005 New Haven Primary Founder (Mark McGregor) passes
2005 - 2006

Annual 5K Begins

Though the race started as a way to help get the students to exercise and improve their mental health it evolved into something more. This race later became part of the July Siblings & Family Weekend which continues today where families and students can run together and support the cause of their choice. 


Mother Teresa House Opens

All Houses renamed after prominent women in history. Students decided to name this house the “Mother Teresa” house. Other houses were renamed, Sacagawea, Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks house. 

16 Mother Teresa House (2)

New Haven Sports Program Started

Student were able to practice and compete against other schools in the area. Students get to participate in Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball. Go New Haven Ravens! 


Aftercare Impemented

Aftercare services developed for families transitioning from New Haven. Varying levels of support offered including in home coaching from your therapist. Alumni gathers also began to help keep everyone connected all over the country!


Technology Given back to Students

In order for student to truly prepare for their transition home, we decided to give them their cell phones and computers back towards the end of their time so that they can practice learning how to use it appropriately.

19 Technology Added
19 Technology Added

New Haven serves its 1,000th Family!!

2012 Susan B Anthony House Opened on the North Campus

Susan B. Anthony House Opened

This smaller community of 12 students was added to the New Haven family. 

2012 Susan B Anthony House Opened on the North Campus

The Values Program Updated

The Values program was updated to meet the more specific needs of students with Learning Disabilities, Recovery Needs, or Eating Disorders. Each path created an individualized approach to the specific needs of the students.


Family International Service Trips

New Haven families would be given the option to travel with their daughters to complete service. Some of our trips have included: Peru, Nicaragua, Singapore, Africa and Costa Rica. Some of the service activities included building wells in impoverished communities, working on plantations, helping in women's clinics, painting schools and getting to meet and play with lots of cute kids! These trips have been so helpful for our students to get outside of themselves, and instead focus on what they have to offer others.


Father Daughter Trip

At this point in our history, our research was showing a dip in the quality of relationship between father in daughter at the 6 month post discharge stage. In response to this trend, New Haven implemented several strategies to help strengthen that bond and teach fathers what they could do to strengthen their relationships. One of those options included a Father Daughter trip during their New Haven stay. These pictures were from our trip to Alaska.

24 Father Daughter Trip

Florence Nightingale house & New School Opens

The Nightingale house was able to help 16 more families and the school house created a separate environment for all of our students on that campus to GO to school.


AP Class Offerings

In order to truly simulate a college prep environment, our academic director added the option of 9 live AP Course options to our curriculum. In addition to that, she also added a college prep class to continue to support students with learning struggles.


Nursing Available

Nightwatch staff trained as CNA’s to make sure there are always nurses available to assist students with medical needs. This is especially important for our students with diabetes or other medical ailments.