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April 15- Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier to become the first African American professional baseball player

Overcoming obstacles and embracing our differences has been a theme in school this week. Our students had the privilege of video conferencing with a Holocaust survivor who shared her inspirational story of endurance, courage, and strength. As I observed our students, many were very touched by the experience, and the message of hope that we all have the power to make it through difficulties in our lives. This theme carried into my history classes this week.

Here is what we’re doing-

Economics- Topic: Work, students learned about the types of work. We discussed the struggle of women to  earn equal pay for equal work as well as the daily struggle of those living on minimum wage. On a more practical note, students learned how to read a pay stub!

World History- Topic: The Renaissance, we are discussing the beginnings of the Renaissance with students sharing what they know. I love this topic because it is an opportunity to admire the beauty humans are capable of creating.

US History- Topic: The Great Depression, students are finishing their study of the Great Depression. I’ve been so impressed by their ability to see the connection between the 1930’s and today, and to develop an understanding of  the suffering and strength of the Depression-era generation.

I love my job and I love history. I love the strength I see in my students, even when they can’t see it themselves.  Here’s to being inspired by the past to overcome the difficulties in our lives today.