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Values Program

Our values program has been an integral part of treatment at New Haven since we opened our doors in 1995. Throughout your time at New Haven, your family and daughter will have the opportunity to explore and identify personal and family values, as well as how it looks and feels to live by those values. New Haven's values-based healing phases help our students take positive control of their lives by teaching them to shift control from an external locus (others control her) to an internal locus (she controls herself).

Values Program Description

New Haven's value-based phases make up what we call the FamilyWorks© Values Program. They are designed to help you take positive control of your life by teaching you to shift your locus of control from external (others controlling you) to internal (you control yourself). Each phase has a meaningful name: Safety, Expectation, Exploration, Insight, Integrity and Interdependence. The second two phases begin with the prefix "EX", as in the word "ex-ternal", which symbolizes that you are still being controlled, or motivated, by outside influences. The last three phases begin with the prefix "IN", such as in the word "in-ternal", which represents your shift from being controlled, to taking control of yourself.

Each phase has assignments which you must complete before you are eligible to advance to the next phase. These assignments incorporate all aspects of your treatment here, including individual therapy, family therapy, recreational therapy, and developing your personal values system. Each phase also has the opportunity for new privileges.


Table Of Contents



  1. Values Program
  2. Values Program Description

Phase 1

Phase 1: Expectation

  1. Introduction to Expectation
    1. Testing Requirements
    2. Values Binder Test
    3. Safety Contract


Phase 2: Exploration

  1. Introduction to Exploration
    1. Love
    2. Value Definitions
    3. Personal Values List and Definitions
    4. Peer Feedback
    5. Autobiography
    6. Emotional Safety
    7. Emotional Safety Rating Scale
    8. Parent Autobiography
    9. Ego Defense Mechanisms
    10. Family Values List & Definitions
    11. Family Strengths List & Definitions
    12. Love Currency: Learning How to Exchange Love
  2. Family Phase Application
  3. Working With New Haven Horses: Guidlines Contract


Phase 3: Insight

  1. Introduction to Insight
    1. Peer Feedback
    2. Three Levels of Communication
    3. Core Issue/Core Meaning Worksheet
    4. Negotiation
    5. Family Community Meeting
    6. Family Rules
  2. Family Phase Application


Phase 4: Integrity

  1. Introduction to Integrity
    1. Choices & Accountability
    2. Peer Feedback
    3. Personal Values List & Definitions
    4. Values - Rules - Consequences
    5. Relapse Prevention Plan
  2. Family Phase Application


Phase 5: Interdependence

  1. Introduction to Interdependence
    1. Personal “Me” Bead
    2. Legacy of a Value
    3. Peer Feedback
    4. Student “Letter of Hope” Assignment
    5. Service
    6. Parents’ “Letter of Hope” Assignment
    7. Personalized Family Bead
    8. Family Decision-Making Relapse Prevention Plan
    9. Family Transition Contract
  2. Family Phase Application


Phase 6: Transition

  1. Introduction to Transition


Section 7: School

  1. Education Phase Requirements


Section 8: Quotes

  1. Expectation
  2. Exploration
  3. Insight
  4. Integrity
  5. Interdependence