Welcome Sydel Morris-Greco, New Haven’s Newest Addition to Our Academic Team

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At New Haven, we recognize that every girl possesses a unique constellation of academic strengths and weaknesses so our approach must be highly individualized. That’s why we are so excited to announce that Sydel Morris-Greco has joined the New Haven family as Academic Director of our Spanish Fork and Hobble Creek campuses.

Sydel will join Kori Mayeski, New Haven Academic Director, to ensure that each family’s individual academic needs are realized. Sydel and Kori have worked together over the years in other academic settings, always with an eye on college preparation for the students that they serve.

Having previously worked in a residential setting, Sydel brings a wealth of experience. She has a Masters degree in Secondary English Education, is a certified Special Education Specialist and a certified School Administrator.

Sydel believes in building a strong relationship with each student. She does so with her own unique combination of compassion and fearless ability to challenge. “I believe change and growth occur when there is a balance between challenge and support. When there is too much challenge, students become overwhelmed and often give up. When there is too much support, stagnation occurs and students are not able to reach their full potential,” said Sydel.

We are thrilled to have two strong individuals leading Academics at New Haven. Having both Sydel and Kori on board will allow each the ability to spend more time in school, while also allowing for training opportunities with the teachers at each of our campuses.

Sydel is a native of Northern New Jersey and loves watching the N.Y. Giants lose, Sabrett hot dogs and really good bagels. With nearly enough dogs to create her own sled team, Sydel has four certified therapy dogs with Intermountain Therapy Animals. She has trained them herself and enjoys seeing them interact and help students through their therapeutic process.