30 Days of Recovery

“Here is what I wish I knew about Recovery”

Having struggled with addiction and having the opportunity to work in addictions myself, there are so many things I wish I knew about recovery. I wish I could answer the question that so many who suffer have, “Why me?”. “Why my child?”. I don’t know if anyone can ever truly answer this question with a solid answer. Some say, addiction is due to genetics and that the “addiction gene” caused them to become an addict. Other’s say maybe it’s due to weakness, or no self-control. But what is true?

Someone in a meeting I was in once said, “Drugs were never the problem, they were the solution to the problem, and that is a problem.” This phrase has always stuck out in my mind, and I’m sure many of you in and out of the rooms have heard it a few times. This phrase to me is very simple, I had found the wrong solution, and there is hope for another solution that doesn’t involve a slow and painful death due to addiction.

I wish I knew how to stop this illness and never let anyone else suffer, but we must all learn in our own way, whatever that way may be. One way I have seen tried and true as a success is working the twelve steps of whatever fellowship you choose and letting others hear the message of recovery, another way is finding passion in our lives again. With a lot of passion and a little hope, we can and do recover.

So in the end, it’s not the “why” that matters, but what are you going to do about it. A simple yet so complex statement.

Emilee K.