Educational Outcomes

Education is goal-oriented with specific milestones to track students’ progress toward high school graduation and college admissions, but what happens if those milestones are not met because life has taken some unexpected detours? At New Haven School, students admit with a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences. Many find themselves missing the milestones they need to achieve their academic goals. Other students have lost the belief in their potential to ever succeed in school. Some students worry that this latest detour into residential treatment will erase the impressive educational work they have already completed. Our education department seeks to meet the needs of every student that enters our doors to set them back on the path toward academic success.

Our professional team of educators provides quality instruction in small, supportive classroom environments. This approach allows us to meet students at their level while providing them with the support and challenge they need to continue progressing.  40% of students entering New Haven are behind in school credits, putting them off-track for high school graduation. Through a combination of classroom instruction and independent study course work, 88% of students are on track for high school graduation when they leave New Haven.

The supportive and challenging approach also serves our students who lack confidence in their abilities as learners. Our teachers seek to create experiences of success in the classroom. Students receive assistance in organization, time management, and other executive functioning skills, giving them the practical skills necessary to be a good student. Teachers will work one on one with students to complete homework assignments and projects. As students begin to experience success, their confidence grows and their achievement rises.

The ultimate goal for each student is high school graduation with the option to continue on to college. New Haven School provides college preparatory support for our juniors and seniors. Courses and tutoring in the SAT and ACT tests are offered to students. The senior level classes help students build writing and critical thinking skills. Students have access to an academic counselor to help guide them through the college application process. The majority of New Haven students go on to college. Students have attended Boston College, Cornell University, Stanford University, the University of Utah, Villanova University, and the University of Wisconsin, to name a few. Students find their time at New Haven has not eliminated their college options, but has rather enhanced their chances of successfully attending the school they desire.

The New Haven School supports students in achieving their academic goals, helping them back on course toward high school graduation and college admissions. This brief detour can be the opportunity they need to regain their academic confidence, to build their academic skills, and to achieve more than they ever believed possible in the classroom.