Some questions you may have for us

  • What is the average length of stay in your program?

    We focus more on positive outcomes and less on time frames, while still remaining sensitive to the financial and emotional sacrifices being made by the family. A student and her family are finished with treatment when they have been on Interdependence Level (Level 5) for at least 2 weeks. Average completion time for attaining Interdependece Level is between 10 and 12 months, although it can take longer.

  • How do I receive information about your program?

    Contact Admissions by dialing 1-888-317-3958. Your first step is to contact us. We can then send you an application to complete. Our administrative team then approves your daughter to come. We have found it helpful for parents to come to our facility to tour and meet our staff. We realize this may not be possible due to the urgency to place immediately. The last step would be to make financial arrangements and schedule the admission date for your daughter.

  • What are the qualifications of the medical and clinical staff?

    We have a highly trained and experienced medical and clinical staff. Our Board Certified Psychiatrist, who specializes in adolescent psychiatry, is on call 24-hours a day. Each of our campuses’ nursing departments are headed by registered nurses. We have clinicians with a wide variety of expertise and experience. All family and individual therapists are Master or PhD level therapists. Our recreation therapists hold Bachelor degrees and are certified. All therapists have expertise in family therapy but come from a variety of fields: Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, and Recreation Therapy. We have a team of professionals who not only carry the needed credentials, but are capable of building therapeutic relationships, are effective, and share a true passion for working with adolescents and families.

  • What is the policy on students contacting friends while at New Haven?

    Students may not contact anyone whom you do not permit them to contact. As a parent, you provide us with an approved mailing list and an approved calling list of the people that your daughter may contact.


  • How many phone calls can a student make per week?

    The answer to this question depends upon the student’s progress in therapy. Your daughter will be able to communicate more with her family as she progresses. A minimum of one phone call per week to parents is allowed for each student. During the first two weeks there are no phone privileges outside of family therapy. Students may always send mail to and receive mail from approved persons, and receive email, however.

  • What is the policy regarding confidentiality?

    Any and all information about your daughter and your family is completely confidential.

  • What is the average age of the students in your program?

    The average age of our students is approximately 16. Our range of ages is from 12 to 18 years old.

  • Can I visit my daughter?

    Yes! We encourage face-to-face family therapy whenever possible. Parents must commit to being on campus for Family Weekends every 8 weeks. On higher levels we require frequent home passes.

  • Can I talk to parents who have placed their daughters at New Haven?

    Yes. We encourage you to speak with those who have been through our program. Many parents are excited to share their experience with you. Contact Admissions for a list of parents in your area or who have had similar experiences with their daughter.

  • Where do students go after New Haven?

    Our goal is for the students to return home and to their familes. Our most recent outcome study shows that 90% of students return home! Others may choose to go to boarding school, to college, or other treatment, if necessary.

  • When may I have contact with my daughter once we have admitted her?

    Right away you may contact your daughter by e-mail, fax, or letters. She may also write you as soon as she arrives. We encourage frequent written contact during the first two weeks. Your initial family therapy session will be the first time you speak with your daughter by phone after admission. That session will be held within the first two weeks after your daughter’s admission.

  • Which airport do we fly into and how far away are you?

    You will fly into the Salt Lake City International Airport. Both of our campuses are located within one hour of driving distance.

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