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We believe that young women are capable of academic success, even when they are struggling with emotional distress. Learn why providing the best residential treatment experience also means providing an excellent education.

Addiction & Recovery

Having a daughter who is abusing substances is a scary and frustrating experience. Discover hope for your daughter's recovery.


Does your daughter struggle with ADHD? Click here to not only learn how residential treatment can help her as she struggles with emotional challenges, but also how you can help her manage ADHD symptoms at home.


When anxiety crosses the threshold from "productive" (being worried about a test encourages you to study) to "unproductive" (unnecessary worry stops you from attending school), it's time to look at treatment options. Explore our library of articles and resources for helping your daughter healthily cope with anxiety.

Asperger's / High Functioning Autism

Articles to help families learn how a residential treatment center can help girls struggling with Asperger's and high-functioning autism.

Attachment & Adoption

Few things are as painful as watching the daughter you love struggle with issues stemming from adoption or other challenges related to attachment. Learn how residential treatment can help your daughter with attachment issues, and how you can help her at home.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Helping your daughter manage the intense emotions felt by those with borderline personality disorder is no easy task. New Haven helps these young women build healthy, trusting relationships and learn skills to manage emotions. Learn more about how the immense impact residential treatment centers can have in helping young women with borderline personality disorder.

Cutting & Self-harm

Self-harm is a frightening symptom of depression and other emotional challenges. Hospitalization and residential treatment are often necessary to keep young women safe from themselves. Read more about how to help your daughter with self-harm urges.

Depression Treatment

Depression is one of the common behavioral health issues facing teens, and it seems to be getting more and more prevalent. Learn more about depressions, co-occurring disorders, and how you can help your daughter.

Eating Disorders

A daughter struggling with an eating disorder ignites constant worry and fear in her parents. Learn more about eating disorders and how to help your daughter overcome this challenge.

Emotional Regulation

Teaching your daughter to successfully regulate her emotions can help her overcome myriad behavioral health struggles. Learn more about the skills your daughter can learn to regulate her emotions.

Impulsive and Risky Behaviors

Impulsive, risky behavior in adolescence is scary for any parent, but the fear is compounded when your daughter also struggles with emotional health. Learn about how to identify these behaviors in your daughter, and what to do when you see them.


Mental health is a crucial aspect of a teen or young adult’s well-being, and it becomes even more critical when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Learn how to support your LGBTQ teen or young adult’s mental health on their journey of self-discovery.

Life at New Haven

Explore life at New Haven through images, testimonials, and stories.

Lying & Manipulation

Young women struggling with emotional distress often resort to lying and manipulation to cover their tracks and get their needs met (whether these needs are healthy or unhealthy). Learn more about how to parent a teen who struggles with lying and manipulation.

New Haven Values Program

The Values Program is among the unique features of New Haven. We believe that young women need internal guidance about what is right and wrong for them. All students and families at New Haven will determine their top values and explore what it looks like and how it feels to live by these values. Learn more about what our Values Program entails and the success we've seen with this model.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Articles to help families learn how a residential treatment center can help girls struggling with oppositional & defiant behavior.

Parenting Teens

Parenting a struggling teen is hard. We hope these tips for parents and families make those teenage years a little easier.

Suicidal Ideation

Suicide attempts and ideation is among the most troubling challenges a family will have to deal with. Hospitalization and residential treatment are usually necessary in the healing process of these teens. Learn more about how treatment can help, and some steps you can take to keep your daughter safe at home.


If you are searching for residential treatment for your daughter, your family is currently experiencing traumatic stress. New Haven specializes in treating traumatic stress in teen girls and in the family system. Learn more about how we help young women overcome traumatic stress.

Understanding Therapy

The many different types of therapy can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the options and wondering what is the right fit for your daughter. Learn more about the various types of therapy that exist and the unique ways they are used in residential treatment.