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We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with New Haven.  You can view our current job openings at our Job Board.

New Haven has an exceptional 20-year history of hiring, training, retaining and engaging mental health and educational professionals. We are known for our superior work environment and for providing opportunities to advance within our organization.  We create this environment by employing a Team Delivery Model of treatment where representatives from Clinical, Residential, Recreational Therapy, Nursing, and Academics all participate in our Treatment Team.  This approach works so well that 98% of our employees say they would recommend New Haven employment to others.

Why Work at New Haven?

  • new-haven-residential-treatment-center-employmentOur high staff to student ratio and small caseloads provide daily opportunities to foster relationships with our students outside the confines of regular therapy and programming.
  • New Haven is considered the leader when it comes to residential treatment for teenage girls.  We know that our leadership lies in the quality and expertise of our staff.  We develop this quality and expertise by fostering a culture of continuous learning.  Every employee undergoes rigorous training when they are first hired and have the opportunity to further that training every week.  We offer our employees:
    • 30+ hours of training every year.
    • Free clinical supervision for therapists.
  • Our membership in the InnerChange family of therapeutic programs means that New Haven team members enjoy tremendous opportunities for professional growth, collegial exchange, and career advancement.
  • Competitive salary and benefits package.

What Our Employees Say

Work at New Haven Residential Treatment Center“New Haven is hands down the best company I’ve worked for.    I had only worked with adults in treatment before I applied, so I was nervous I wouldn’t be the right fit; however, the shift I started working with quickly became close friends and dedicated mentors.  When I was doubting myself and my abilities (which is a common feeling in such a challenging field) I had the support of staff and therapists to guide me and cheer me on.

I was promoted several times during my 2 years there because I had supervisors that saw my potential and gave me the training and opportunities to move up.  My opinion was always considered, and I felt like an equal in a team of people that had many more years of education than I did.   That feeling of being equal is an energy that permeates the entire campus at New Haven, and I think that’s why it’s so easy to become close friends and “sisters” to our clients; they can feel that we are a family.

Honestly without New Haven I wouldn’t have experienced camping at Moab, rafting at Green River, dancing at the Holi Festival of Colors, canoeing and flying off of rope swings in the Provo River, rappelling 80 feet down in Goblin Valley, or hiking to find petroglyphs all over Utah.   Plus, I now have a wide range of skills in everything from horse care, to managing a dangerous crisis, to cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal!

I’m a better employee and better person because of my time there.”

-Brooke, Residential Staff


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