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A Culture of Caring

Because the FamilyWorks treatment model is highly relational and systems-driven, it requires a deep bench of experienced staff members working together as a team. New Haven has the highest employee to student ratio (1:2.6) in the adolescent behavioral healthcare industry and is one of the most experienced teams. We’re united by our love for family work, our shared therapeutic and educational philosophies, and our care for one another.

Our team members are hired for their strong clinical credentials and experience; once hired, all staff members continue their professional development in the form of seminars, classes, experiential learning, mentoring, case studies analysis, research, and writing. The large size of our team allows for constant supervision and safety, as well as a robust interdisciplinary model in which every department meets together to discuss every girl every week. The result is a treatment plan that is holistic, coordinated, and based on a deep understanding of every girl in our care.

This culture of caring, communication, and professionalism allows us to deliver a clinically-based, heart-driven program that heals families.

Staff Testimonials

"I am always inspired and humbled at the team I get to work with every day at New Haven. What dedicated people!"

"I love my co-workers, the girls, and my job! Life is good."

"I honestly, genuinely love working at New Haven. I love the training, and I love the girls. I feel safe and secure here, and I feel that I have the opportunity to progress and develop new skills and characteristics."

"I love the support I receive from my team, other staff and therapists. I feel like I am needed, known and a large part of this job!"

"I love this work, it is always changing and challenging in a good way. The company inspires and encourages development and growth and I enjoy those opportunities."

"I have been increasingly impressed with the mission statement of New Haven and the strong desire to do what is best not only for the students but for the employees. I honestly feel cared about and that my best interest is at heart from my boss and from all those around me. I love working here and I have learned so much about good leadership qualities and how to help others from working here. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity."

"I love New Haven! I have loved my years working here and even through the growth we've had, it's nice to know that everyone still matters and everyone is important to NH. Best place ever!"






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