Leisure education helps our students discover healthy ways to have fun – an important competency for girls who may have struggled in the past with destructive or unhealthy leisure activities. Leisure education helps replace negative habits with positive recreation activities that increase their quality of life.

Our girls participate in community events, snowshoeing, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, crafts, and other fun activities in our leisure therapy program. Twice a month on Saturdays we have adventure days where we expose the girls to a variety of leisure activities in the surrounding area and teach them new skills that develop interest and curiosity in healthy recreation activities, and what other opportunities are available after New Haven.

Experiences like these teach students how to fill their free time in positive ways. Leisure education gives each student an opportunity to use skills learned in recreation therapy and apply them to everyday life. Positive leisure values are introduced and re-introduced to the students as they are taught about ways recreation and leisure can be used as positive coping skills. They develop healthy passions in their lives which increases self confidence and improves their outlook on life.

When our girls transition home, they are well equipped to choose healthy leisure alternatives that help create a positive environment where they can thrive.

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