Graduation & 20th Anniversary Alumni Reunion

With early summer has come a time for celebration for our students! On June 19 New Haven had 31 students graduate high school – 26 of which were in Utah to participate in the ceremony with their peers. Three wonderful speakers shared their inspirational stories, and what they learned from their journey through both New Haven and high school.

One of our graduates said it best in her speech, when she said, “I used to live my life trying to find excitement, and now I am excited to live my life.”  

It was heartwarming to see so many loved ones present to share in the success of our students. The parents were, understandably, thrilled for their students’ success. One parent said, “New Haven provided all of the parents and the students with such a memorable experience that, quite frankly, far surpassed what we would have experienced at home with our daughter being one of over 300 graduates. The ceremony was so personal and intimate.  We loved every minute of the experience; particularly since we were on such a bumpy road we never thought we would get to be a part of any graduation. New Haven gave us a graduation ceremony we are surely never to forget.”

Along with graduation came our Alumni weekend, where we celebrated “20 Years of Healing.” It was a wonderful weekend, filled with more than 150 alumni and family members who came to celebrate and reconnect. It was filled with therapeutic groups for both past and current students and parents, games and many joyous moments.

One of our alumnae said, “Whenever I go to an alumni weekend at New Haven I instantly feel the love and connection from staff and girls that I hold close to my heart. I’m reminded of the hard work I did at New Haven whenever I visit and that motivates me to affirm my core meaning and hold on to the love and confidence I have for myself moving forward.”

We are so grateful for the families we have been able to serve and for the success stories that were shared. It gave the gift of hope to our current families. We have enjoyed the past 20 years and look forward to many more!

Congratulations to both our recent graduates and our alumni – we are proud of you!

New-Haven-20th-alumni-reunion-b New-Haven-20th-Alumni-Reunion New-Haven-Graduation-2015-A New-Haven-Graduation-2015-B New-Haven-Graduation-2015-C