Kallee Wilson, LMFT

Director of Family Services


Kallee is kind, funny, and candid. She directs her clients in a fun way that connects rather than disconnects. She brings a sense of adventure to her work and encourages her clients to get curious and learn new things. Kallee values communication and stays true to her word.

Kallee started at New Haven in 2015 and worked in various roles including; residential staff, supervisor and residential director. These valuable years allowed her to see first-hand the influence of the residential team and supported her training as a clinician. Kallee completed her undergraduate work at Utah Valley University and then proceeded towards her graduate work as a Marriage and Family therapist at California Southern University. She continues to advance in her expertise as she has added extra certification in trauma sensitive yoga and in utilizing the Gottman Method. Kallee specializes in working with students and families that struggle with personality disorders, mood disorders, ADHD and trauma. She often incorporates experiential work into the therapy she provides since she has seen that it so often fosters strength and empowerment. Kallee is skilled in navigating complicated family dynamics and believes strongly in the influence that a family can have in creating lasting change as they work together.

Outside of work, Kallee can be found dirt biking, camping, rock climbing, and woodworking.