Noel Miller

Executive Residential Director/ Rosa Parks Residential Director Interim


Noel joined the Embark family in 2012 where she started as a Residential Staff. She has worked at various programs within the Embark family and has held many different positions from an On Call Mentor to Executive Director.  She is committed to the highest standard of quality and knows how to create a culture of empowerment for her colleagues, clients, and their families. Noel is a proven leader who inspires others with a compassionate heart and determination to provide the best quality of care. Her ability to build and lift others is what makes her a great leader.

Noel grew up in northern Utah and has a degree in Criminal Justice from Southern Utah University. Noel’s experience and training include comprehensive training in DBT and experience in implementing trauma work with adolescents. She has had extensive leadership roles and responsibilities throughout her academic and professional careers. Noel’s passions include hiking, camping, and traveling.