Saratoga Springs Campus Nurses


Front Row: Cami Fountaine, Megan Slater
Back Row: Andrea Price, Tisha Dayton

The Nursing staff is responsible for taking care of the physical needs of every student. Their primary goal is to make sure that no safety issue, or physical or medical problems get in the way of a student’s progress in the New Haven program. On average, our nurses have worked at New Haven for 9 years.

Each nurse brings different experiences and strengths to the team. Some are seasoned medical professionals who found themselves drawn to New Haven because of the opportunity it gave them to help young women heal and progress. Others started working at New Haven as residential staff and found themselves interested in the medical side of treatment. Their collective passions include education, physical health and family.

Though each nurse is different, they all have one thing in common: they are all mothers. The experience this gives them helps them in their job as caregivers.