Sophie Wolfe, TRS, CTRS

Recreation Therapist


Saratoga Springs Campus

Sophie was raised in the state of Idaho where she spent much of her childhood outdoors, on sports teams, swimming, practicing the piano, making art, and adventuring with her family.  The various activities in which she participated helped keep her well-rounded and curious about the world.

Sophie graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation, as well as a minor in visual arts.  She did her internship with New Haven and then went on to become nationally certified as a recreation therapist.  She worked for two years as a residential supervisor at a residential treatment center in Utah, which helped strengthen her understanding and belief in the powerful role that families have in the healing process.

She is passionate about the world and has a drive for exploring different cultures and understanding other people.  She spent a semester studying abroad in Israel.  She has also spent time traveling in Turkey, Jordan, and Mexico.  While traveling abroad, she was able to discover more about herself, as well as gain a deep love for the beauty that other cultures have to offer.

Sophie lives in Provo with her husband where they enjoy hiking together, attending various community events and festivals, playing board games, working on home improvement projects, playing on intramural and community sports teams, and traveling to Idaho to visit family.  She is thrilled to be a part of the New Haven team, where she plays a key role among her coworkers in healing families.