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HomeWorks Transition Support Services

Where Healing Comes Home

We understand that transitioning from New Haven can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience.  We also see treatment as a process and we are committed to helping families beyond their daughter’s stay. That is why New Haven created HomeWorks. Our HomeWorks program was created to prepare families for the challenges of transition and provide individualized support both during and after treatment.

Early Transition Planning

We begin the plan for transition early on in the program. Throughout your time at New Haven you will be working on specific issues related to transition in our values-based program. This provides you and your family ample time to address those items that are critical to success. In addition to specific, transition-focused work, families can take advantage of a variety of transition support services provided by New Haven and our Alumni Association.

In-Home Visits

Two-day in-home visits can occur before or after your daughter’s program completion. An in-home visit is customized to your family’s needs and may include:

  • Job and/or volunteer search
  • Meeting with or assisting in finding a home therapist
  • Meetings with school teachers and/or counselors
  • Formalizing structure in the home
  • Family and individual coaching sessions
  • Experiential work around trauma
  • Addressing support needs around recovery
  • Meetings with peers, extended family, and other positive supports in your community

In addition, these visits provide an opportunity to strengthen the work that has already occurred at New Haven and create a plan for the future.

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Parent Transition Support Groups

New Haven holds twice-monthly conference call discussions for parents led by a New Haven therapist. These discussions are designed to address topics commonly of concern to transitioning families and encourage support among families.

Support Line

Even with the best laid plan, families will experience challenging situations when they transition from New Haven. Our support line is available, between scheduled coaching sessions, for those moments when they need extra support or reassurance that they are on the right track.  Because this line is monitored by a New Haven therapist, families can leave messages and their calls will be returned in a timely manner.

Coaching Sessions

In addition to an in-home visit, families can take advantage of coaching sessions with their therapist (depending on his/her availability) after leaving New Haven. These sessions are designed to help navigate the challenges and honor the successes. Families can take advantage of individual, couple, and/or family coaching sessions.

Home Haven

During your time at New Haven you will develop long-lasting relationships with different therapists, teachers, and staff. We want you to stay connected to those individuals that have supported you throughout your journey. This is also an opportunity for you to check-in and report on how you are following through on the plans and goals you made while at New Haven.

Each month parents and their daughters can join a conference call with other alum, staff, and therapists to get support, stay connected, and celebrate successes.

It has truly been a life-impacting experience for all of us. Our daughter is alive! She is awesome and wonderful! Her future is so bright! And we have all changed very much for the better.

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Alumni Resources

Our transitioning families can also take advantage of various alumni resources. Families have access to regional alumni events throughout the country, annual on-campus and off-campus alumni events, the ability to receive mentoring from past parents, read their transition stories, and receive ongoing communication through our alumni newsletter. We are grateful to the parents of the Alumni Association that volunteer their time and talents to make these resources available to our transitioning families. If you would like to understand these services in more detail please visit our Alumni Resource page.