New Haven graduates 15 Seniors!

We want to help them foster resilience, an ambition for learning and leadership. We know these skills will help them prepare for a truly successful academic and professional future.

Kori Mayeski – BS, MS
New Haven Academic Director

A New Graduating Class

This time of year is always so exciting as we send off a new group of grads into their next phase of life. This years graduating class included 15 high school seniors!

In conjunction with the event, we hosted an alumni luncheon where we welcomed several families back to campus to join in the festivities as well as experience some check in groups, and activities. It is a wonderful time for us to celebrate our graduates and reconnect with some of our alumni.

This group of seniors deserves extra credit for receiving the most “High Honors” awards seen than in the previous 5 years. This means that we saw an accumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher for the majority of our graduates! 14 of those 15 students have already chosen their next path towards college or university and the last one is still in the process of deciding. Many have qualified for universities such as Loyola University, Wheaton College, University of California-Santa Cruz and more! Check out our instagram page to see more places they will be attending @newhavenrtc!

While are so proud of all the books they have read, papers they have written, art projects they have created, experiments they have conducted, math problems they have solved and AP tests they have taken. We are more impressed that they have done all these things while overcoming tremendous personal challenges, which takes amazing courage and strength beyond their years. One graduate expressed,

We came to New Haven as troubled teens, but are leaving as hopeful young adults.

New Haven Graduate
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New Haven graduates 15 Seniors! 2

Building Resilience in our Students

Some of our graduates may have doubted if they would graduate from high school at all. And yet, here they are! Some may still wonder, can I be successful in college? Research shows the number one reason for college freshman dropping out, was their inability to continue when things became difficult. They simply did not know how to solve a problem, identify and use available resources and get their emotional needs met. In other words, they were not resilient. Our graduates have a higher chance at succeeding in college because they have overcome so many obstacles, they can work through a challenge, maintain successful relationships, and now know when to reach out for help.

We have seen this so much resilience in our graduating seniors, and have so much confidence in their ability to have success in their bright futures ahead. Congrats class of 2023!