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Shea Rodriguez

Shea started at New Haven in 2009 as a residential staff working with the students and their families. From the beginning, it was always a place she felt safe, challenged and cared for. She loved getting to play a part in the healing process as well as learn from the team around her. As an admissions counselor, she got to see the other side of things and develop a deeper understanding and empathy for the families.
Once her first baby boy came, she got to take a job working for New Havens parent company while spending more time at home with her baby. It was in this role that her knowledge of other programs and their needs expanded. She spent years supporting programs, admissions and clinical teams in various capacities.
In the most recent time, she has been able to explore other programs within our field. She enjoyed getting to meet new people, and appreciate other effective approaches.
 Her husbands job in medicine has taken her family to the Rocky Mountains of Denver Colorado where she now enjoys being the mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves playing with them, exploring her new home, and squeezing in some exercise time to unwind.
Back as part of the New Haven team, Shea is excited to support team members, students and their families.