My Core Meaning


My 9-year-old self: innocent, free, beautiful

Lion: courageous,strong,brave

“I picked my 9-year-old self because part of my treatment I have been working on is forgiving myself right now, in the present, from past things last year and in the past with my 9-year-old self. The traumatic experience that happened when I was 9 made me feel like my innocence was taken away and that I wasn’t free and beautiful anymore. But that event didn’t effect me until I was in high school. My self-worth went down and I didn’t see myself as others saw me. So I treated myself in my core issue by neglecting myself.  Now in the spot, I am in I realize that the person that hurt me when I was 9 didn’t take away my innocence and my beauty. He hurt my body but didn’t hurt my soul. By being in my core meaning I am free. I picked the lion for the other side because I see the lion as strong, courageous and brave. That lion is inside my 9-year-old self. Representing that a 9-year-old innocent, beautiful and free girl can be also courageous, strong, and brave. Inside she is the lion.”

– Current Student