Nurture Your Relationship

For all the scholarship and science we rely on for excellent treatment at New Haven, we still rely most heavily on a simple principle: healthy, nurturing relationship heals.   Without a context of trusting, positive relationship, even the most sophisticated clinical approach simply won’t work.   Relationship is at the heart of all effective therapy and healing.

Do you have a story of how a key relationship made a critical difference in your own or your family’s journey toward healing?  Did this relationship come in the form of a relative? A friend?  A therapist?  Even a pet?  If so, we would love to hear about it.  With your permission (and after changing identifying information), we may publish some of these stories in a future blog to offer inspiration and hope to other families.  Stories like yours also serve as important reminders for our treatment team.  Please send these stories anonymously and include permission to republish; we will change all names and identifying information if we do publish.

So regardless of where you are in your journey, please tell us briefly about a relationship that has made, or is making, a difference in your life.  What is it about this person and this relationship that is has been particularly powerful ? How has it changed your perspective?

Thanks in advance for sharing!