Barton Dowdle, BA

Spanish Teacher


Spanish Fork & Saratoga Springs

Barton Dowdle is a caring teacher who strives to positively influence young people, and is dedicated to helping each student reach their educational and, more importantly, life goals. Bart believes that building a positive relationship with each student is the key to overcoming academic and behavioral challenges in the classroom. Bart is a Utah native and was born just a few miles down the road in Provo, Utah. After graduating from high school Bart served a 2 year mission for his church in the South American country of Uruguay where he learned to love and speak Spanish. Bart is the proud dad of 5 great kids and enthusiastically admits to being a grandfather to five absolute treasures.

Bart takes humble pride in the fact that he was voted the best foreign language teacher by the student body at A&M Consolidated
High School in College Station, Texas in 2015. Being involved in the lives of young people has been among the most rewarding things Bart has experienced. Bart has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brigham Young University and is certified to teach secondary Spanish.