Tiffany WallCrook, BS, MS

English Teacher


Saratoga Springs Campus

Tiffany believes you teach what you are and strives to empower others in and out of the classroom. After earning a B.A. in English with a professional writing emphasis in 2011, she worked as a senior copywriter at ICON Health & Fitness until she had her daughter in 2013. The next few years included juggling several freelance editing projects, teaching dance at Kokapelli School of Music and Art, volunteering as the dance director for a team putting on a show involving over a thousand teenagers, and the hardest full-time job of all—parenting. In 2019, Tiffany found her passion for trauma-informed teaching and learning while tutoring in a high school English special education program and simultaneously finishing her own MBA. Inspired, she drastically changed career paths, started a middle school English instructor position in 2020, and is adding an APPEL teaching license to her list of credentials. When not in school, Tiffany enjoys hiking and exploring the mountains, reading poolside while her kids swim, and finding creative ways to hide vegetables in baked goods.