Hunter Andersen

Residential Director

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Susan B. Anthony House

Hunter Andersen is the Residential Director of the Susan B. Anthony House. If you were to follow the laughter in this house you will certainly find Hunter nearby. He is genuine, kind, and has the ability to bring the best out of anyone he interacts with. Hunter started working at New Haven as a residential staff in 2020, and has worked his way from staff to Supervisor, to the RD Assistant and now the Director. Hunter has a Bachelors Degree in Family Science from Utah Valley University. Hunter believes that every individual who feels safe, understood, and cared for can become empowered to reach their potential. This is the environment he strives to create through his work at New Haven. Hunter’s top values are hope, connection, humor, and adventure. He is always looking for opportunities to help others experience them in their lives. In his free time Hunter enjoys hiking in the beautiful Utah Mountains, game nights with friends and family and last but not least Hunter is a huge movie nerd, test his trivia!