Grady Goodman

Residential Director


Eleanor Roosevelt House

Grady Goodman is the Residential Director of the Eleanor Roosevelt House at New Haven. Grady joined New Haven in 2021 as a residential staff member.

Grady’s decision to join New Haven was a purposeful choice, fueled by a deep-seated belief in the organization’s emphasis on family systems and its relational approach. The prospect of not only contributing to the healing of family systems but also infusing an element of fun and joy into the process made the decision even more meaningful. Grady enjoys being able to participate in the healing journey of family systems, treasuring the chance to nurture meaningful connections.

Some of Grady’s core principles are fostering meaningful connections, promoting growth and change, having fun and creating joy, and upholding integrity and honesty. Beyond the professional realm, Grady finds joy in playing sports, including golf, basketball, pickleball, and baseball. Grady loves to spend time with the people he cares about and creating lasting memories with them.