Kodi Jeffery, PH.D, BS, MNS

Science Teacher


Saratoga Springs Campus

Kodi Jeffery was raised in Utah, just across the lake from the Saratoga Springs campus. Her dad was a biologist, and the family grew up stopping to examine every roadkill they found, hiking and camping, even collecting quills from a live porcupine (without being jabbed). She earned her Bachelor of Science in biology and mathematics education from Brigham Young University, then went to Louisiana State University where she earned a Masters of Natural Science and a Ph.D in science education.

Kodi spent 20 years working in museums, focusing on hands on education, before coming back to Utah to teach. She developed and presented numerous teacher workshops, including working with a NASA educator to create a workshop on the Cassini voyage to Saturn. She has taught in both public schools and in another residential treatment center.

Kodi has one daughter and four granddaughters – who live way too far away. She loves exploring nature and the amazing world around us. She believes hands-on learning is the best kind. Science is about asking questions and seeking answers, while realizing we will never be able to answer all our questions. Kodi believes our New Haven students could be the next generation of scientists helping us answer ever more questions. As a Mama Dragon, Kodi is part of a group of women dedicated to advocating for the LGBTQ+ community and is a strong supporter for the rights of our children to decide who they really are and be supported in those roles.