Rhyan Schwenson, TRS, CTRS

Recreation Therapist


Stabilization and Assessment House

Rhyan is known to build quick and positive relationships with those she works with. She helps others feel safe to be themselves, work hard, and have fun. She loves to come up with unique and creative ways to teach important values that help her clients progress and reach their goals. Rhyan has learned to have compassion and empathy with her clients. Rhyan tries to be a cheerleader and believes everyone deserves to have someone cheer for them and help them build confidence during their hard times.

Rhyan received a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist. She believes recreational therapy can teach important values while giving clients the space to express themselves and do things they love.

In her free time Rhyan enjoys being with people she loves, shopping, making embroidery, going for walks, just about any DIY activity, or just going on a drive to get a diet coke!