Sarah Collins, TRS, CTRS

Recreation Therapist


Susan B. Anthony House

Sarah is known as a team player, great communicator, and is easy to talk to. She is observant and loves to offer unique perspectives while being creative in planning original ideas. Sarah has previously worked in a residential setting and learned how important empathy is and how we can never truly understand or know how another is feeling unless we listen and take time to understand their situation. Sarah has gained compassion through connecting with others and believes connection is the opposite of addiction. She knows healing is possible and deserving for everyone.

Sarah received a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist, ropes course certified as a facilitator, and a QPR gatekeeper (suicide prevention). Sarah also has experience in addiction recovery, creative arts, service, leisure education and experiential learning. She loves working in therapeutic recreation because families are given the opportunity to build connections and create trust in their relationships. Self-efficacy and group-efficacy play an important role in recreational therapy. If an individual believes they can do something, then they can. Sarah enjoys helping individuals build the confidence they need to make changes in their lives. 

In her free time, Sarah enjoys hiking, backpacking, knitting, crocheting, drawing, calligraphy, and dance.