Residential Treatment and Boarding School for Girls ages 12-18 What would I want for my daughter?

At New Haven, we base our treatment decisions on a simple question: What would I want for my daughter? We know that underneath her struggles – whether with an eating disorder, substance abuse, trauma, or another challenging emotional issue – your daughter is still there, waiting to be discovered, loved back to wholeness, and reunited with her family.

After twenty years of working together, our treatment team is one of the most experienced in the field of girls’ adolescent treatment. We know from experience that girls struggling with complex emotional and behavioral issues need access to a variety of proven therapies. Experience has also taught us that even the most clinically sophisticated approaches to treatment are only effective if those delivering them come from a place of connection, compassion, and hope.

Clinical excellence. The warmth and love of a home away from home. That’s what we’d want for our daughters. So that’s what we provide for yours.

And it works. Our outcome studies show that most of our graduates – even those who have not been successful in other placements – never need another treatment program after New Haven.



It is true to say that I've changed, but it goes so much deeper than that- I have remembered who I am – I have remembered my truest self, and I never would have thought it, but I LOVE WHO THAT IS. Alumna
With a few words, carefully chosen and carefully placed, you helped our marriage, and helped bring our family from despair to happiness. Parent
You saved my life. (I know what you are probably thinking, because I can picture you saying it…,”I didn’t save your life, you saved your life.”) That is true, but you know what? I wouldn’t have, not for all the money in the world, until you came along. Alumna
Thank God there is a place like New Haven and that there are people so dedicated to healing the broken hearted. You gave us comfort in a time of great need, and hope when there was very little. You told us you would take care of our loved one and you did. Parent

Healthy Families

  • Family Focused
  • Individualized Care
  • Treatment Team Sophistication


  • Leisure Education
  • Recreational Therapeutic Tasks
  • Movement and Action Based Family Therapy


  • College Prep
  • Special Needs Accommodations
  • Classroom Directed and Teacher-led Instruction


  • Relationship Based Treatment
  • Aftercare & Alumni Support and Events
  • Ardent Positive Regard towards Students and Families


  •  International and Regional Service Trips
  • Weekly Service Opportunities and Involvement
  • Values Program Driven Selfless Involvement with Others

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New Haven is a therapeutic haven and
school for adolescent girls and their families.


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