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Maintaining Hope at New Haven

Some might say that being a maintenance man at an all girls residential treatment center may not play a role in the students’ treatment or care, but I would disagree.  I have worked at New Haven Residential Treatment Center for the past seven years. For me, maintaining the property holds the same responsibility as the…

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Working with Teens with Borderline Personality Disorder

  Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with several girls with borderline personality disorder. I remember so many conversations that I had with these students. It felt like we went in circles, going over the same thing and I ended the conversation feeling completely helpless. How could I help…

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Creating Our New Haven Family

At New Haven, hiring relationship-minded staff, therapists, teachers and other employees is very important. Our students often struggle with depression, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, etc. Because our program is relationship-based, we need employees that are loving, fun and understanding; however, they are able to hold boundaries and issue consequences when…

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