Hailee Buras, A-CMHC


Hailey - T

Saratoga Springs Campus

Hailee is her genuine self with everyone she meets. She is warm, empathic, and always has a smile on her face. She likes to use humor to aid her in forming relationships with others. She is organized and always striving to improve her craft, she loves to learn new therapeutic techniques and theories. Hailee is passionate about walking alongside her clients on their journey to bettering themselves in the way that they see fit. Outcomes are achieved when working collaboratively.

Hailee completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at The University of Southern Mississippi. Hailee’s experience began working as a counselor for a short-term RTC for adults with substance addictions. She enjoyed sitting across from clients and guiding them through their struggles and towards recovery. This is where Hailee learned that being her genuine self with clients helped her form strong relationships with them, and the relationships that were built helped her clients to grow and make changes. Hailee is trained in DBT, CBT, mood and anxiety disorders and substance use. She’s excited to begin additional training in sand tray and equine therapy.

Hailee and her husband recently moved to Utah from Mississippi and have been enjoying the outdoors and the natural beauty of Utah. She is a lover of animals and has two German Shepherds and one cat. She spends her free time reading romance and mystery novels. Hailee loves to travel and collects magnets from places she visits to help her remember all the places she’s been!