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Living at Spanish Fork Campus

New Haven’s South Campus is located in Spanish Fork, Utah, and has three large and fully staffed houses each of which is designed for a small group of sixteen girls. By creating several intimate campus houses instead of a large dorm setting, New Haven creates the feeling of home for our students. This nurturing, cozy environment also allows for improved safety and supervision, improved treatment outcomes, and the formation of deep and lasting friendships. Each of our campus houses is named after an historic figure whom we admire and strive to emulate.

Mother Teresa House
Mother Teresa – Servant

A Servant is one who puts aside all thought and concern for herself in order to focus on the needs of others. Mother Teresa left personal comfort and security behind to search out those whom the world had forgotten – those who have nothing. Mother Teresa’s life of service is a bright beacon of hope in a society darkened by selfishness – she is an inspiration to us all.

office building

Eleanor Roosevelt House
Eleanor Roosevelt – Advocate

An Advocate is one who notices the suffering of those who cannot help themselves, then uses her power and her voice to create positive change. Eleanor Roosevelt transformed the office of the First Lady from a figurehead into a legitimate position of power. She focused her efforts primarily on women, children, minorities, and other members of society who needed someone to fight for them, someone to act as their voice. Eleanor Roosevelt’s advocacy for those less fortunate than herself has left a legacy of love and compassion to which we all should aspire.


Sacagawea House
Sacagawea – The Guide

A Guide is one who forges the way through unfamiliar and dangerous territory so that the others who follow may also enjoy success. Sacagawea navigated effectively through difficult terrain, seeking the smoothest, safest path for one of the most important explorations in the history of North America – the Lewis and Clark expedition. We honor her memory and attempt to emulate the qualities of competence and leadership that she embodied.


New Haven School

What began as a one-room schoolhouse in 1996 – literally – now contains several classrooms, an art room, library, and computer lab. Classes are run like a traditional school, yet are small enough to allow teachers to focus on the individual needs of each student.